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Seasize technology positive response the Shenzhen Intelligent Transport Exhibition


In May 28th,the 2012 China International Transportation exposition and satellite navigation and vehicle safety exhibition in Shenzhen exhibition center open the curtain.And our company Seasize Technology positive response the exhibition theme  :"Improve the construction of Intelligent Transportation,application and the whole management level,to promote the intelligent transportation technology and equipment development.",and prepare the related matters of the company's sharp Eagle self-service GPS positioning anti-theft products for over two months.

  On this exhibition that Seasize Technology will introduce a new generation of self-help type GPS positioning anti-theft products.The features of self-help operation ,avoid platform fees,reply address in Chinese and free use and so on make sharp Eagle self-service GPS positioninganti-theft products difference from others products.And this products can help to solve the traditional GPS positioning anti-theft products of some deficiencies,such as direct response is longitude and latitude, collection platform fees, operation instruction, using complex charging problem,etc.Before,the GPS positioning anti-theft products is the noble on the car alarm market,and now sharp Eagle self-service GPS positioning anti-theft device have the advantage of cost-effective and self-help operation and will be more popular on GPS positioning anti-theft in the mass consumer market using in the future.If you want to know some more of the sharp Eagle self-service GPS positioning and anti-theft products,please kindly land on the Sharp Eagle GPS positioning anti-theft official website.

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